ISN Nice

One part of the assessment in IB History is the Internal Assessment, which makes up 25% of the final IB mark for Standard Level students and 20% for Higher Level students. The assessment criteria are identical for the two levels. If you do not do the Internal Assessment, you will not receive any grade for the examination or any IB mark for History.

The idea here is for the Internal Assessment work to also aid the student in preparation for performance on the IB exam itself. These are a variety of topics from which to choose an interesting topic for investigation. The choice of topic question will be made in consultation with the History Instructor. THERE IS ONE RESTRICTION: THE SUBJECT MAY NOT BE the one chosen for an Extended Essay. The time period may be the same, the topic may not.

THE IB GUIDELINES OF CRITERIA are specific in their demands for academic honesty. Full annotation of Footnotes (End notes) and Bibliography are essential. Although primary or original sources may be used, such as letters, interviews, and photos, they are not essential. Focused books, scholarly journals, appropriate internet sites and other materials of recognized academic credibility will serve as the base for the paper. The paper MAY NOT exceed 2,200 words, excluding footnotes, bibliography, maps, diagrams, or appendices.There is no need for an Abstract on this paper.

At ISN Nice, this assessment is started in the second semester of the first year of the I.B., so as not to conflict with
with the Extended Essay. The project will be assigned in May of the second semester, and will be completed by the middle of January of the second semester in year two; specific dates are included in the Internal Assessment Schedule.

The attached criteria NEED to be studied as the guide to the assessment. The marks are internally assessed by the instructor, and then some samples will be sent to an external moderator for verification.

Please see the instructor if you have any further questions about the Internal Assessment. Please keep up to date with the Internal Assessment Deadlines: Use this handout for preparation: and this guide for structure: . Please refer to the grading rubric to see what the criteria are for each of the three sections:
A website devoted to citation of sources http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/557/09/ or RefME. In the Humanities Department, we use MLA for referencing sources. Here is an excellent example, provided by the IB, of what students are supposed to do, when researching and writing their internal assessment. This student was awarded 22 out of 25 marks.